What Is YouTube Shorts & Comparison with TikTok & Reels

What Is YouTube Shorts & Comparison with TikTok & Reels

There are many platforms available on the internet which offers to create online videos of short length including media, audio layers, and video effects. But majority falls for the top three names; YouTube Shorts, Tik Tok Videos, and Instagram Reels. Here in this post, we are going to show you some major differences between all these three platforms, including their pros & cons to know which will work for you according to your needs.

All these apps have millions of active users and your content will have open access to get viral, engage with more audience, and rank on international boards also. We don’t cover those basic plans here, just talk about some serious points which you may need to hear before getting started with any application.

What Is YouTube Shorts & Comparison with TikTok & Reels

YouTube Shorts

As we all know, YouTube is one of the greatest platforms of all time for video sharing and streaming purposes. It’s been doing great for a long time and has billions of active users, anybody can start their channel without paying anyone and has wide categories to cover with engaging more audience. Here’s something you should know about this platform if you’re going to start a channel for youtube shorts videos for the first time.

Shorts was introduced last year and they’re doing pretty good at this, however, anybody can make shorts and there are no criteria of requirements as the YouTube Videos. It’s easy to get started here, you don’t have to pass any survey or registration process if you already have a channel, or even if you create a new one.


User Trusted

Youtube doesn’t share your data with anybody, except for google. As Google owns the youtube platform and most of the ads you see on the videos are delivered by Google Adsense. It only captures your search history and your interest to serve you the most relevant ads to not bother your streaming experience.

As for the Shorts videos, you don’t have to register for any separate account here, you can simply use the same account for the shorts and arrange them into another playlist.


Available for Everyone

Anybody can make short videos, the feature is available on all new and old users. No matters if you have 1000+ subs or not, you can start with 0 followers and the features will remain the same for all users. There will be no partiality or any inequality amount for any content creator.


Specific Categories

Mostly the shorts are described as educational, the platform wanted users to make educational videos to teach facts and figures to the audience. But the shorts are now getting popular and cover almost all popular categories, including entertainment, comedy, vlogs, pranks, and news.


Easy to Identify

YouTube short videos have a length of up to 60 seconds and you can easily identify the format of YouTube Video vs YouTube Shorts just by checking the watermark of Shorts in the bottom right corner of the video. If it holds a watermark, it’s a short video, however, if there’s no logo then it’s a youtube video. find out WhatsApp MODs For Android


TikTok Videos

One of the most popular platforms, or you can say who introduced the ideas of the short video to the internet. Tik Tok has a more engaging audience rather than any other platform because there are no other formats on this platform and you’ll be visible to the public if your content has good content and all the necessary layers.

Here are some points about Tik Tok which you may want to know.

It’s a Chinese application owned by the Chinese government to make it available on the worldwide level, the application shares the user’s data to its government. It’s announced openly and available in terms & conditions also. Be sure about your data if you’re willing to deal with this, go ahead for new opportunities.


Easy to Rank

If you make a video here, you have more chances of getting viral because people love following new trends and like your video if you serve something creative and new to the audience. Also, the more engagement you get, the more chances of getting viral you’ll have.


More Active Audience

There is no other type of content on this platform, so the audience is here to see the short videos only. If you match their interest you can convert them as your subscriber and gain more hearts over your content. The more you make, the more you get, is the type of slogan which fits here on the Tik Tok.


Instagram Reels

Instagram is a bit of professional app where users believe in sharing their best pictures and videos to store the memory. For the past few years, Instagram is trying to expand the services and video formats for the users to compete with YouTube or with any other video-sharing platform.

Instagram has Reels, IGTV Videos, Stories, which scores the count of three different videos on the same platform.


Reels have a length of up to 60 seconds.

Stories are meant to be available for only 24 hours.

IGTVcan be long enough for 30 minutes or so.


Professional filters

It has more professional filters than any other platform because people who work on the filter are hired by the professionals themselves and deliver the most likely effects on your videos according to your content and needs. You’ll get fewer filters, but the quality is far better than the competition.


No watermark

You can download and share your videos on any other platform also, Instagram doesn’t add any watermark on its videos. This is a great step to let the users record the videos through the application and if it seems perfect for them they can use the videos for some other platforms also.



So this was the comparison between the most popular short video sharing platforms, hope you like our content and give this a share. If you have any doubt then drop the message into the below comments area. We will be glad to answer your questions.