Kavach App Download for Windows/Mac/Linux – Full Guide

Kavach is the latest in authentication technology, offering a high level of security for your online accounts. This ultimate guide will show you everything you need to know about using Kavach to protect your online identity. From setting up your account to using it for everyday transactions, we’ll cover everything you need to know to keep your information safe and secure. So let’s get started!

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Make your personal Government email ID more private by adding a level of security with Kavach Authentication. No one will be able to access their Government NIC mail account without NIC Kavach Authentication in the immediate future.

It is a 2-factor authentication process that helps you make your government emails confidential. When you want to access your emails, usually, it takes an input of your email address and password. But, when you log in via Kavach App, you need to provide an OTP code in addition to the password.

It is the ultimate solution to access the massive software’s across the IT landscape. This application is a user initiative, easy to use, and secure, incorporating multiple endpoints.  Kavach App is linked with Kavach Authentication Server at the backend.

Moreover, the app features One-Click Login, OTP, and other supports. You must contact the IT support or Admin for more details inactivation process.

How does it work?

  1. Open the Kavach Authentication Official website.

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Source Credit: cdns3waas.gov.in

  1. Login Kavach app Account using NIC email ID and Password. The App will send an OTP code on the registered mobile number for secure access. You need to enter that OTP code to log in to your account.

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Source Credit: cdns3waas.gov.in

  1. After successful login, the dashboard will appear.

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Source Credit: cdns3waas.gov.in

  1. Here, you can download the Android, Windows, MAC, Linux App by clicking on Android client, Windows Client, Linux Client, and Mac client according to your operating system requirement. Install this file on your operating system and configure it. Accept the Term and condition agreement.

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Source Credit: cdns3waas.gov.in

  1. Now, Login with NIC mail ID and password. The Kavach app will send an authentication code on your registered mobile number for configuration. Enter that code and submit it again. After submitting the OTP verification code, a screen will appear showing that your NIC account is successfully activated on the Kavach app.

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Source Credit: cdns3waas.gov.in

Now, when you will try to login into NIC mail, a POP-UP will appear to double-check your account. After clicking on Accept button you will be granted access to your NIC government emails. Whereas, if you click on DENY button, then you cannot login to the mail account.

Kavach App Download for Windows Mac Linux Full Guide

Source Credit: cdns3waas.gov.in

Kavach App for PC & Mac – Safe Installation Process

Kovach’s security feature is more functional in Android devices.  The app works except for the windows and IOS operating systems.  It is one of the premium quality apps that deliver high performance and security for your software.  The popularity of the Kavach Authentication is not questionable as it has been installed about 100,000+ times version 3.5

To install the Kavach app for widows you can easily use emulator software. Version 4.1 or up works exceptionally for Android devices. Below you can find all the important information about the Kavach Authentication on your Windows/ PC.

Application Name:             Kavach Authentication for PC

App Size:                              7.5 M

Author Name:                       Kavach Security

Current Version:                          3.5

Number of Apps install:             100,000+

Operating system requirements: 32 bit & 64 bit

Android Version:                          4.1 & up

Customer Support Website: kavach.androdev@gmail.com

Last updated:                               12th May 2020


How to Download and Install Kavach App for Windows/pc with Emulator Software

Kavach Authentication app is basically designed for Android devices but you can make them functional for the Windows and MAC operating systems. You can simply go to the play store and download the Kavach authentication app for your mobile device. However, the process is quite different for the PC. To install Kavach Authentication software for windows you need Emulator software.

We choose the two most demanding emulators to demonstrate step by step how to install the Kavach App for windows. This software is capable to download and install the 3.5 Kavach Authentication software version. The PC having virtual machines like Virtual Box or VMWare can install the Kavach App without the emulator.

Method1: Download & Install Kavach Authentication for Windows using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the popular emulators for using mobile apps on PC. The Bluestacks environment lets you play multiple games and run multiple instances in real-time. The software optimizes the PC usage and will not take much space on your disc. The other highlights of this software are rerolling, smart controls, macros, and eco-mode.

  • Safe to use
  • 6 times faster than Galaxy S9+
  • Powerful and Lightweight
  • Compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows

Let’s jump into the topic and explore how to download Kavach App via Bluestacks.

Step 1:Firstly, you need to download and install the Bluestacks software from its official website on your PC.  Download the step up and run it on your windows.

Step 2: Launch the Bluestacks emulator software by using your email ID. A mobile-like user interface will appear. You can easily find out the Play store icon inside this app.

Step 3:Open Play Store and search Kavach Authentication in the search bar. Install the application on your emulator. (You can also find out the app using the Bluestacks search bar)

Step 4:Once you are done, you can easily find out the Kavach application icon on the emulator. You can run the Kavach app on windows.

Step 5:Launch Kavach Authentication and proceed to the configuration and registration process.

Method 2: Download & Install Kavach Authentication for Windows using Nox Player

Nox Player is high-end software to play android software on Windows PC and MAC operating system. It is a free software formed by the BigNox company. The best part about this software is its compatibility with almost every mobile app including PUBG, social media networking apps, Subway surfers, and more. The app size is 344M which makes it one of the lightweight emulators to run efficiently on PC.

  • Run Multi instances of apps and games
  • Smooth and Stable performance
  • Improve your mobile experience on PC
  • Secure Software

Let’s explore how Nox player works to download Kavach App for PC.

Step1:Open the official website of Nox player https://noxofficial.com/ on the web browser.

Step 2: Download the Nox player and install on your PC. You will rqiuire an email address and password in this process.

Step 3: On the main page search for the Kavach Authentication app to download it.

Step 4:Press the install button to appear with the Kavach Authentication App.

Step 5: The installation process can take 2 to 3 minutes. Once you’re done, you can use the Kavach application on your PC.

After the successful installation of the Kavach app, you can add your email address to this app. It will send you a notification email as your account is accessed. Make sure that you accept this email as you received it. A valuable application to build privacy to your emails and add one more level of security.

For more information, you must contact the NIC district Centre (Concerned Department) for support and guidelines.

How to use – Kavach Authentication Software

After the successful installation process, you must use it properly. You must follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Login to Kavach App using the NIC email address and password
  • A pop-up notification will appear to “Deny” or “Accept”
  • “Accept” it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will show a TIMEOUT error.

Note: Make sure that you have an excellent network signal throughout the authentication process. If your internet connection is of poor quality, then you will not receive the pop-up notification. In that case, there are two choices for you.

Choose the “PULL” button for the notification


Combine the OTP code with your password suffix and press enter.

  • You can disable or enable the IMAP SERVICE. The country policy can also be subscribed to.
  • It is advisable to explore the Kavach App features in-depth to make this app work efficiently.
  • Check your recent activity and logs frequently.

Kavach App Required Permissions

  • Give permission to the Open Network Sockets
  • Camera Device Permission
  • Reads External storage Data
  • Allow Network information to be accessed
  • The app takes access (read-only) to the phone number, phone accounts, phone states, ongoing calls, and cellular network data.
  • Give access to the Fingerprint
  • Allow the Kavach app to Synchronize stings
  • Grant access to the precise location and current location


If you are looking for a way to secure your GOV email account with two-factor authentication, look no further than the Kavach app. Installation is quick and easy, and you can be up and running in minutes.

The app also provides robust security features that will help keep your account safe from unauthorized access.

So don’t wait any longer – download the Kavach app today! Have you tried using the Kavach app on your PC? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kavach App for Windows

What is Kavach App?

Kavach is a 2factor authentication app for your Government email accounts. This app protects your confidential emails to be accessed by hackers or programmers.

An easy-to-use, lightweight, and user interactive application. You can download it from the Play store on Mobile. However, you need to emulator store to install the Kavach app on windows.

Can I launch the Kavach Authentication on windows without an emulator?

No, you can’t run the Kavach application on windows without an emulator. It is basically intended for mobile uses and android devices. Therefore, the Kavach app will not work on a PC without an emulator.

Is it legal to use Kavach Authentication on a PC?

Yes, it is completely secure and legal to use the Kavach

What is 2 Factor Authentication?

The 2-factor authentication is a dual check or verification process in which the user passes through two authentication factors to verify their identity.

As cybercrimes are increasing, it is vital to protect your credentials from unauthorized access. 2F authentication is more secure than single-factor authentication.

Single-factor authentication users enter only a single information password. Whereas, in 2-factor authentication, the user enters their password and a security code to access their account. The security code can be an OTP, facial scan, fingerprint, or biometric.

The concept is to add an extra level of security to protect the accounts from attackers. Just in case, the hackers hack your password still can’t login without the security code.

How to install Kavach Authentication using an APK file?

APK file format is executed by the Android operating system similar to the windows .exe files. So, when you download an app from the Playstore, the file format is APK.  Although, it is not a visible file when you download it on mobile as you install them directly. But, you can gt these APK files from third parties.

To install APK files on pc you don’t need to install the Kavach app from the google play store. You can import the APK files into the emulator and install the app easily.

What is the cost of the Kavach Authentication app?

It is a free-of-cost app available on Google Playstore. You can download and install this app without any charges.

How to download the Kavach Authentication for banned countries?

You can use the VPN – Express VPN and Nord VPN to download this application in banned countries.